An ISO: 9001-2008 Certified Institute, Established in : - 1962 and upgraded as Grade - A on 09-02-2010.
This Institute organised various number of activities and also allow the trainees to participate in different number of events organised by the Institute and other Socities to opromote their skill in different fields as well as in the welfare of society and Nation building Ideas. The detail for Some of them are given as under: -
Marathon Organized by the Himachal Dastak News Agency on dated 16 Oct. 2015

Ten female/girl trainees from our institution participated in the Marathon race organized by Himachal Dastak News Agency on dated 16 October 2015 at the Kangra. The route of marathon race was Kangra-Matour-Kachiari-GupatGanga-Kangra. The distance covered by the participants around 10KM. Our two trainees got 2nd and 3rd position in this race. The detail of participants who got the 2nd and 3rd position were given below:-
Name Trade Position Reward
Shivani Devi Sewing Technology IInd
Savita Kumari COPA IIIrd Rs1000/-
Encourage the Trainees to Participate in Blood
Camp Organised By / For Session / Date For More
Blood Donation Camp Organised by Rotary Club Shahpur 21 May 2015. Please click here
Blood Donation Camp Organised by Red Cross RPGMC Tanda 16 November 2016. Please click here
Blood Donation Camp Organised by Red Cross RPGMC Tanda 20 November 2017. Please click here
Efforts for the development of different skills in the Trainees
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