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Following are the pass out trainees of I.T.I. Shahpur, Kangra, who are serving in the
Department of Technical Education. Some of them have
acquired higher qualifications also.
Sl. No. Name Session Trade Present Post Held Place of Posting in Deptt Photo Contact No.
1 Sh. P.C. Koundal 1973-74 Steno English Gp. Instructor Govt. I.T.I. Palampur   9418450689
2 Smt. Kanta Rana 1975-76 Steno Hindi Instructor Govt. I.T.I. Shahpur   9418896920
3 Sh. Mohinder Singh Chaudhary 1983-84 Carpenter Gp. Instructor Govt. I.T.I. Shahpur 8988128668
4 Sh. R.C. Sharma 1976-77 Sheet Metal Gp. Instructor Govt. I.T.I. Shahpur 9418607288
5 Sh. Kirat Singh Sohal 1983-84 Carpenter Gp. Instructor Govt. I.T.I. Gangath 9418038007
6 Sh. Vinod Kumar 1983-84 Sheet Metal Instructor G.P.C. Kangra
7 Sh. Gian Chand Sharma 1983-84 Mech. Tractor Instructor Govt. I.T.I. Shahpur   9817760466
8 Sh. Naveen Sharma 1984-85 F & V. P. Trainer Govt. I.T.I. Shahpur   8894444621
9 Sh. Mahinder Singh 1984-86 Electrician Instructor Govt. I.T.I. Shahpur 9418896919
10 Sh. Surinder Kumar Sharma 1984-86 Machinist Maintenance Mechanic Do   9418914524
11 Sh. Santosh Narayan 1986-87 Welder Instructor Do 9418113368
12 Sh. Sanjeet Nag 1986-87 Steno English Instructor Do   9817498779
13 Sh. Tilak Raj 1987-88 Welder Trainer Do   9816975701
14 Sh. Ashok Kumar 1987-89 Surveyor Instructor Do   9817539788
15 Sh.Shiv Kumar 1987-89 Machinist Instructor Do   9418175899
16 Sh. Kewal Kumar 1987-89 Machinist Trainer Do   9816131971
17 Sh. Manoj Kumar 1988-90 Turner Instructor Do 9418108486
18 Sh. Susheel Kumar 1988-90 Fitter Trainer Do
19 Sh. Narinder Kumar 1991-93 Machinist Trainer Do 9816332336
20 Sh. Suman Kumar 1992-94 Turner Instructor Do 9418479632
21 Sh. Anuj Sharma 1995-97 Truner Trainer Do
22 Sh. Surjeet Kumar 1997-98 Sheet Metal Instructor Do   9816470630
23 Sh. Gulshan Kumar 1998-2000 Mech. Motor Vehicle Trainer Do    
24 Sh. Suresh Kumar 2004-06 Machinist Trainer Do   9459062515
25 Sh. Rakesh Kumar 2005-06 Pump Optr cum Mech Trainer Do    
26 Sh. Vikram Raj   Welder Instructor Do    
27 Mr. Ajay Sharma 2002-03 Sheet Metal Workshop Instructor GMPC Kangra    
28 Mr. Arvind Karaku 2004-05 Turner Instructor Govt. I.T.I. Shahpur    
29 Mr.Sachin Santoshi   SSA English / Hindi INstructor Govt. I.T.I. Shahpur    
30 Mr. Ravi Kumar   Welder Instructor Gvot. I.T.I. Shahpur    
Other Ex - Trainees of I.T.I. Shahpur who are working at any where in any organisation are requested to send their Bio Data with
Photo and detail such as passout session, Trade, Present address, contact No. and Photo.
so that further communication is made easier.

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